Home Automation has today bloomed to a fascinating technology being adopted by very few leading developers, partnering with suitable technology companies. Now technology can be stuffed into residential complexes or individual homes making them not just homes but “Smart Homes”. Lights, fans, curtains/blinds, A/C, TV, Home Theatre, Geysers can all be controlled wirelessly using your smart phone or tablet. Also integrated is technology controlled security with alarm, panic switch, gas leakage sensor with shutdown, balcony motion detection sensor, video door phone to screen visitors, mood set lighting and bathroom occupancy sensor. The automation system also has the capability to control an array of integrated devices by just drag of your finger on the tablet/smart phone. One feature that will “wow” you is the “good evening” (all on) feature. When occupants arrive home after dark, a single press of a button can light up a pathway from the front door to living areas. Equally impressive is “good bye” (all off) function that turns off all lights at departure. Customers can enjoy advanced automated functionality with an uncomplicated user interface. Home Automation is an example of how cleverly architecture and sophisticated technology can work hand in hand. This concept of automation is for those seeking a comfortable lifestyle and ready to embrace technology. Home automation may very soon become the industry standard in large buildings.


The Home automation system is compatible for receiving IR commands from hand held remotes and wifi signals from tablet/smart phone/laptop. The sensor range brings the features of motion detection and gas leakage detection with shutdown. Panic button can trigger an audible alarm at times of distress – a welcome level of security reassured. Mood set lighting allows to create an atmosphere tailored for a function, one’s mood or an occasion. The unique touch sensor switches is the hallmark of technology and luxury. Motorized curtains to open and close by just the drag of a finger on tablet/smart phone/laptop.

Video surveillance helps one to monitor their kid’s safety in their room. Bathroom occupancy sensor helps in turning on light and exhaust fan when one enters and turn off when one comes out. Gas leakage sensor shuts down the supply of LPG automatically when there is leakage.


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