Bethel technology was formed in 1999 as a fully owned Hyderabad company. Since then it has grown into one of the most well known organizations engaged in security consultancy Services, VIP Protection and services, security and safety equipment, wireless transmission of CCTV,
remote viewing, video conferencing, and specialized services. Giving anOverview of the organization and financial structure, the company’s activities deal with various fields and have carried out major projects in co-operation with the development of Hyderabad economic structure. A wide scale of diversification was undertaken to achieve a leading position in field, and now we are ready to deliver the best quality services in the field of security and safety.

Our Team

Bethel Technology is comprised of a specialized team of highly qualified and trained manager and engineers that espouse a philosophy of dedicated system. We Offers you a variety of well-designed security solution created by innovators and Expertise. Other security vendors provide simple point security product whereas BT delivers a comprehensive portfolio of advance security to secure your in and out door locations.


Projects undertaken by us are maintained under strict confidentiality and information is given out only to authorized personnel.

Quality & Standards

Bethel Technology carries out all its work complying with the highest international standards and quality. Our well-experienced engineers and technicians work with the highest degree of professionalism with due knowledge of classified projects. In all we offer a modern, effective and flexible approach to today’s security challenges.

Our Commitment

 We commit providing our customers with best available security systems based on a strong partnership approach, comprehensive-training services, on going project, support at all time, full project management and support from scratch till installation & commissioning enhancing and upgrading systems as per future needs, being responsive and flexible to customer queries and troubles and maintaining strict client confidentiality

   Latest News

Introducing pharamacitical wireless Digital master and slave clocks

pc synchronising device with master clock.

digital clck with Certified flame proof enclousures.

Digital slave clock in 2/4/6inches.

   Digital Clocks