Digital Master Clock


Our Wireless Synchronized Master Clock System Operates on a very basic concept. The Master clock acquires the time and then transmits it wirelessly to the slave clocks that are in the system. Once the transmitter master clock receives a time update, it then transmits the time to any number of secondary slave digital clocks. The Digital clocks need only a 240v ac Power Outlet, They include their own internal battery pack with 5 year life.

Write up on GPS

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a radio-navigation system available to the worldwide. A fleet of 24 satellites orbit the earth broadcasting their position coordinates and highly accurate time code, GPS signals. Each satellite is equipped with atomic frequency standards they are widely used for time synchronization, frequency calibration, and navigation.
This system receives signals via satellite and constantly updates the time displayed on the clock. In the event of a power failure a battery takes over which is automatically recharged once power isrestored. In the event of longer power failures the clocks will automatically fast advance to the correct time. This system is used widely in public and time critical applications where a reliable maintenance free solution is required.


GPS means Global Positioning System, a constellation of satellites. These satellites also broadcast precise time signals of atomic clock. UTC (equivalent to GMT) time signals are received through the GPS Receiver and it is transmitted to GPS unit in the clock.
The GPS driven master clock system corresponds via antenna to the satellites overhead. The master clock then drives each connected slave system clock.

  • Receives time from GPS satellites (Accuracy tied to atomic clocks)
  • Networked Clock System Master
  • 12- or 24-hour selectable 4-digit
  • 5 year Battery (Insures correct time after power failure)
  • Bringing precise time to the world.

Although GPS is well-known for navigation, tracking, and mapping, it's also used to disseminate precise time, time intervals, and frequency. Time is a powerful commodity, and exact time is more powerful still. Knowing that a group of timed events is perfectly synchronized is often very important. GPS makes the job of "synchronizing our watches" easy and reliable.

GPS satellites carry highly accurate atomic clocks. And in order for the system to work, our GPS receivers here on the ground synchronize themselves to these clocks. That means that every GPS receiver is, in essence, an atomic accuracy clock.


  • Able to synchronize all clocks throughout the entire facility using a single master clock
  • All clocks not only display the same time, but the correct time as well
  • Wireless clock synchronization is often more economical than wired systems
  • Uses an approved license free RF band
  • Provide accurate time for facility insurance and legal documents validation
  • Battery backup included for high reliability operation
  • Simplified installation - just hang the clock on the wall and plug it in to any 240v ac outlet
  • Range of system can be increased by using repeater slave clocks, which retransmit the master clock signal
The wireless clock system is fully expandable allowing you to start with a system that fits your immediate needs, and with the flexibility to add more devices and wireless solutions as needed



  • Working Current = 10 AMPS
  • Transmission Frequency = 433.5 MHZ
  • Transmission Time= Less Than 2 Milliseconds
  • GPS Receiver = GPS-634R ((65 channels with ultra-high sensitive smart gps antenna module))
  • Transmission Power = 60 watts rms power
  • Enclosure = Stainless Steel Body
  • Real time clock(RTC) = ds1307(from dallas)
  • Time error per year = +/- 1 Minute (in this case since we have gps there is no time error even per day)
  • The entire system working voltage = 12 volts
  • External Antenna = Telescopic
  • External Antenna cable = 10 Meters